Chennai Solar Energy Systems is the only manufacture of ETC Pressurized Solar Water Heater In Chennai. Our fully automatized system of solar water heater can be adopted for industrial and domestic purpose. Our Journey in solar thermal solution had led us to conduct various workshops in collages and industries.


Our Innovators and R&D team members focus in developing new products in solar thermal solutions such us Solar Air Heating, Solar Stills, Heat Pump, Solar Air Conditioner, Solar De- Humidifier, Waste Heat Recovery using Heat Pipe and lot more.



Our solutions can be applied for 

1) Paint Shop Treatments Plants

2) Jaguar Rain Shower / Residential

3) Hotels Bathing

4) Canteen Cooking

5) Drying Components or Foods or Materials

6) Solar Water Purifiation

7) Waste Heat Recovery


1) VIT University
2) S.A.Engineering Collage
3) Dhanalakshmi Collage of Engineering
4) R.M.K.C.E.T
5) SSN Collage of Engineering
6) National Institute of Fashion Technology
7) Central Leather Research Institute
8) Kumaraguru Collage of Technology
10) Holiday Inn Express
11) Duet India Hotels
12) Design Qube
13) India Bulls
14) CASA Grande
15) PURVA Windermere
16) Olympia Panache
17) Appaswamy Mandarina
18) Auroflux Technology
19) Auroflux Technology Private Limited
20) Elprochem Industries
21) Daimler
22) Arun Icecreams
23) Ford
24) Danfoss
25) United Industries
26) Aspiration Energy
27) Hospira
28) Wheels India
29) Harita
30) Harsha
31) SONA
32) Arul Castings
33) Ajinamoto
34) Jaydheep
35) Keystone
36) Shri Vignesh
37) Tafe
38) ETA
39) Sunbest 
40) Solar Hitech Solutions
41) GG Hospitals
42) ABT Maruthi

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